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Services for AEG Power Solutions


F&S Electric, Inc. continues to grow the number of satisfied customers in the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Business, because at F&S Electric, Inc. we are focused on always improving our quality of service. Every project is a priority, and we focus on the details that make sure you will be satisfied in choosing F&S Electric, Inc. for your project. We are AEG PS factory trained professionals when it comes to UPS systems, inverters, Rectifiers and Power Management Products. 

Uninteruptable Power Supply System (UPS)

F&S Electric, Inc. technicians working on an "AEG PS" UPS System on a Vessel in the Pacific Ocean

Data & IT Uninterruptible Power Supplies & Power Managment

AEG Power Solutions provides standard and customized uninterruptible power supply solutions for protection against network disruptions and the loss of data and costly downtime periods suffered as a result. As a renowned and experienced company, AEG Power Solutions is there to support you by providing easily expandable products, reliable delivery and offering trade-oriented support and service packages. With more than 250 engineers, technicians and project managers, AEG Power Solutions achieves outstanding results in the field of research and development as well as in application engineering. This really pays off, as more than 70 active patents are currently pending in the power supply sector.

Protect RCS Industrial Rectifier & Charger System

These are the latest generation of robust, industrial rectifiers, chargers and DC Systems from AEG Power Solutions. Using proven microprocessor controlled thyristor technology to provide high-reliability power supply and battery charging capabilities. Choose from standard system configurations or customized systems, designed to comply with precise specifications.

Thyro-A H1 / H RL1 / H RLP1 Thyristor Power Controller

Safe, fast, economical and communication enabled, the Thyro-A delivers precise energy dosing at a high level of availability via the use of high-capacity digital technology. Adjustments can be made on the unit facilitating handling and speed up commissioning. Measurement, status and set points can be processed via SPS or the process computer.

1- / 2- / 3-Phase
Up to 1.557 kVA / 600 V / 1.500 A