A drawing of a Lithium atom. In the middle is the nucleus, which in this case has four neutrons (blue) and three protons (red). Orbiting it are its three electrons.  F&S Electric, Inc.

               Woodbridge, VA 22191 USA

Switchgear, control and other electrical panels.

We install and service all electrical equipment such as switchgear, transformers, motor control and other control and electrical panels.

Lighting & controls
We install all manufactures lighting systems, fixtures and controls, from a simple light bulb to extreme LED systems. we also install and program lighting control systems from a single switch to computer controlled systems.
Surge and Motor Protection
F&S Electric, Inc. supplies and installs surge and motor protection devises from simple plug-in to hard wired industrial devices.
Power Monitoring, Analysis and Recordings
At F&S Electric, Inc. we have the equipment and qualifications to check in to your electrical wiring and systems. We also providing short and long time monitoring, evaluations and recordings of your electrical systems. We are record your power for planing and plan review requirements.
Power Generations and Switching
F&S Electric, Inc. Supplies and Installs Generators and Transfer Switches for Commercial and Industrial Applications.